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The Psychiatric Rehabilitation Program (PRP)

Program Overview

This program provides psycho- education to youth and their families in cases where the youth has received a mental health diagnosis. It is an innovative approach for youth and their families to gain a better understanding about mental health diagnosis, medication management and improving family communication. Trained professionals visit families in their home on a weekly basis. Workers also help facilitate community activities and learning opportunities for program participants.


Participants in the program are under 18 years old, participating in regular therapy sessions, have a mental health diagnosis and receive medical assistance.








Program Benefits 

  • Improved family communication

  • Conflict Resolution – including rewarding positive behaviors and consequences for negative behavior

  • Understanding mental diagnosis and corresponding medications

  • Understanding corresponding symptoms of mental health diagnoses and possible side effects of medication as well as efficacy for proper medication management

  • Academic support – including organization and time management skills

  • Social skills – associated with interaction with peers and respecting authority figures

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