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Program Overview 

Healthy Families Southern Maryland is nationally accredited by  Healthy Families America. The program supports parents by sending professionally trained staff to visit with families in their home once a week for an hour. The  Family Support Specialist gets to know each family and uses child development curriculum and links to community resources to help parents bond with their baby, find medical care, housing, childcare, and so much more. Healthy Families is convenient, free, and can support you throughout your pregnancy up until your child turns five years old! Se habla Español!

EACH WEEK – a professionally trained Family Support Specialist will visit with you in your home to:

  • Provide information about pregnancy and childbirth.

  • Share information about community resources and services.

  • Help you recognize and respond to your baby’s changing needs.

  • Show you how to make your home “baby safe.”

  • Inform you on what to expect as your baby grows.

  • Educate you about your baby’s developmental stages to ensure he or she enters school ready to learn.

  • Offer support and encouragement throughout this new experience.

  • Discuss ways to keep both parents involved in your baby’s well-being.

Mother and Baby on Floor

 Who is invited to participate?

  • Expectant parents and parents of newborns who live in St. Mary’s or Charles County. (The first home visit must take place before your baby is three months old.)


How do I participate in Healthy Families?

  • Call: 301-392-9332

  • Email:

  • Schedule a convenient time for our staff to get to know you better either on the phone or in the comfort of your home.

  • Whether or not you choose to enroll in our program, we can help you connect with resources in the community to help you and your baby get a great start together.

For your convenience and safety Parent Surveys are now conducted via phone. Give us a call today! 

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Services are provided at no cost to families that qualify.

Please call 301-392-9332 or



The Family Resilience and Opportunity for Growth (FROG)Scale helps determine if Healthy Families is a good fit for you and your family.

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