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Functional Family

Therapy (FFT)

Program Overview

Functional Family Therapy (FFT) is an empirically grounded, well-documented, and highly successful family intervention for at-risk and juvenile justice involved youth. The FFT model is appealing because of its clear identification of specific phases that organize family changes in a coherent manner. Each phase in the FFT change process includes specific goals, assessment foci, specific techniques of intervention, and clinical skills necessary for success.

Get Started Today

Call Center for Children and explore your service options with one of our committed team members.

Give Us a Call

Schedule an intake meeting. During the meeting a therapist will gather information and facts.

Schedule a Meeting

Your family and one of our therapist will meet weekly on the goals your family commits to achieving. 

Who We Help and How?

Youth ages 10-18 years and their families Problems ranging from acting out to conduct disorders to alcohol/substance abuse and more are addressed by Functional Family Therapy.  Functional Family Therapy is designed for children and adolescents who are getting into trouble and are either involved with the court system or appear to be headed in that direction. The goal is not to blame any family member but rather work with the family as a unit to teach them how to help make things better.

How Functional Family Therapy Can Help Your Family

There are many benefits to going through the Functional Family Therapy program. This program can:

  • Help build better relationships with your family members

  • Teaches techniques to mange and control anger and to solve problems without fighting 

  • Helps improve communication skills 

  • Works to help restore and strengthen trust in your family

  • Reduces chances of delinquency and future involvement in the justice/ legal system

Benefits of participating in the FFT program 

  • Develop better family relationships

  • Learn to control anger and fix problems without fighting

  • Improve positive communication skills

  • Build trust and respect within your family

  • Prevent involvement in the juvenile and legal system

For more information about Functional Family Therapy 

email Archie Davis at: 

or call (301) 609 -9887

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