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Center For Children Programs 

Center for Children offers more than 19 comprehensive programs for children, teens and families throughout Maryland. Our programs are designed to fit then needs of each individual family.  For a complete list mod Center for Children programs or to learn more about a specific program email us at: or call our main office at: 301.906.9887.

Adolescent Community 

Reinforcement Approach (ACRA)

​​The A-CRA approach to alcohol and substance use treatment incorporates a behavioral modification intervention that seeks to increase a family’s, educational, vocational and social reinforcers to support the adolescent’s recovery. Learn More

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Court Appointed Special

Advocate - (CASA)

CASA of Southern Maryland is one of 900 Court Appointed Special Advocate programs nationwide that works on behalf of abused and neglected children involved in the juvenile court system. Learn More

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Care Coordination

The Connections Program is a service provided in addition to clinical therapy. It benefits children, adolescents and transitional age youth with serious mental health disorders currently in the public mental system. 

The goal is to build resiliency in youth. Participation is voluntary  and provided in home, at the job, at school, in court and throughout the community. Learn More

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Group Therapy

Center for offers a variety of groups for various ages  including a stress management group designed for children ages 13 -16. For more information about upcoming sessions click here. Learn More


Psychiatric Rehabilitation Program

​The Psychiatric Rehabilitation Program (PRP) or the Odyssey provides psycho- education to youth and families in cases where youth have received a mental health diagnosis. It helps youth and their families gain a better understanding about mental health diagnosis, medication management and improving family communication. Learn More


Trauma Focused Cognitive

Behavioral Therapy 

TF –CBT is a therapeutic intervention designed to help children, adolescents, and their parents overcome the impact of traumatic events. It is designed to help with traumas related to physical & sexual abuse, domestic violence, and community violence, an unexpected death of loved one, natural disasters and war. Learn More


Healthy Families Southern Maryland

Healthy Families is a nationally recognized home visiting program that supports new parents, enrolling anytime during pregnancy and up until the child is three months old, and offering services until your child’s turns five. Learn More

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Supervised Visitation

​The Supervised Visitation program is designed to create a positive, safe, and neutral environment where children and their parents can be assured of a safe exchange of visitation with non-custodial parents. Learn More

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Functional Family Therapy

Functional Family Therapy (FFT) is an empirically grounded, well-documented, and highly successful family intervention for at-risk and juvenile justice involved youth.  Learn More 

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