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Co Parenting & Divorce Education

Parent Education

Program Overview 

Parenting Doesn’t Stop. There are many emotions involved in adjusting to a major family change and many decisions to be made. Despite the struggles, we believe that you as parents can pave the way for healthy growth and adjustment for yourselves and your children. The information in our seminar, coupled with understanding, love, and care, can have a positive impact on your relationship with your child and your child’s other parent.

Topics to be covered in our workshop include:

  • Experiences of adult and children after separation, divorce, or custody issues

  • Ways to explain separation or divorce to children

  • Expected changes in parent-child relationships

  • How to make healthy decisions based on children’s needs

  • How to build a constructive co-parenting relationship


Additional Information Regarding Co-Parenting Classes

  • Cost: $100. Payment is due the Friday before the class by 12:00pm. We do not accept payment after 12pm or on the day of the class. Payment can be made via credit card, cash or money order.

  • Classes are held twice a month on a Saturday (dates vary) from 9:00am to 3:00pm

  • Please email for more information and to register for a class along with your full name, case number, a good phone number and email address you can be reached at and the name of the other party that is involved in the case.

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