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Victims of Human Trafficking Regional Navigator

No Person Is For Sale!

What is Human Trafficking?  

Human trafficking involves force, fraud, coercion to obtain some type of labor of commercial sex act. It is not "child prostitution." Any child involved in trafficking is by definition a victim, not a criminal. 

What is a Regional Navigator 

Center for Children is home to Charles County's regional navigator, who advocates for child victims of sex trafficking. If you believe a certain child is the victim of human trafficking, notify us as soon as possible. We provide needed services to the child during the investigation. We are here to help.

Our Services 

Center for Children provides eligible youth and young adults ( 24 years old and under) with a range services: 

- Safety Planning 

- Emergency Response

- Basic Living needs, not including house

- Referrals to trauma counseling and mental health services

- Referrals to drug and alcohol treatment

- Referrals to legal services 

- Victim advocacy 

- Case Management 

Indicators of Human Trafficking 

Contact Our Office

Contact our office to learn more about the Child Advocacy Center and our more than 19  other programs designed to prevent and treat child abuse in Maryland.




Report Abuse 

Claims of child abuse and sexual abuse should be taken very seriously. To report child abuse or disclosures of sexual abuse please call:



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