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Care Coordination 

Connections Program

Program Overview 

The Care Coordination (Connections) Program is a service provided in addition to clinical therapy. Services are voluntary and provided in the home, at the job, at school, in court, and throughout the community. The program is one of the many services offered by the Center for Children with the purpose of fostering and sustaining positive mental health in children and families.

Who Can Benefit 

The Care Coordination Program benefits children, adolescents, and transitional aged youth with serious mental health disorders currently in the public mental health system.


The goal is to build resiliency in youth. Services are provided in 6 month increments. Services are not limited to this time frame but are reviewed for further evaluation. Case Managers meet with families at a minimum of 2 times a month.


Clients can self refer or referrals can come from the Department of Juvenile Services,  mental health therapists, or the Department of Social Services but clients must meet the following criteria.

Services Provided Include:

Help with navigating and requesting Individual Educational Plan (IEP)

Attendance at IEP meetings

Advocate services in court

Assist families with behavioral issues,

parental support, etc.

Case Managers help to reinforce

therapeutic goals

To learn more about Care Coordination contact our office at: (301) 609 - 9887 ext: 144

or email Lindsey Weekley at:

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