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Child Advocacy Center

What is the Child Advocacy Center 

The Child Advocacy Center (CAC) is vital in the fight to stop child abuse in Charles County. It is a safe environment where professionals from different disciplines work together as a team to respond to reports of child sexual abuse.


CAC’s Multi-Disciplinary Team (MDT) consists of social workers, local law enforcement investigators, medical and mental health professionals, prosecutors and victim advocates. Children receive forensic on-site interviews, victim advocacy and other supportive services. This child-focused approach minimizes the number of times children must be interviewed and reduces any further trauma the children may experience.

Center for Children houses the Charles County Child Advocacy Center and works hard to provide victims of abuse with the needed services throughout their entire investigative process and long after. 

Contact Our Office

Contact our office to learn more about the Child Advocacy Center and our more than 19  other programs designed to prevent and treat child abuse in Maryland.




Report Abuse 

Claims of child abuse and sexual abuse should be taken very seriously. To report child abuse or disclosures of sexual abuse please call:



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